The Fallen 2007

Jack Large
November 2007

Two schoolboys stabbed a 14-year-old boy to death outside an unmanned police station in a suspected race row, a court heard.

Jack Large died after a kitchen knife was rammed so hard into his head it pierced his brain and remained embedded in his skull, the jury was told.

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Stuart Lowe
October 2007

A 17-YEAR-OLD has been jailed for life after he battered another teenager to death.

Victim Stuart Lowe, 18, was killed in Warrington, in October, when Sibongiseni Majola struck him about the head with a screwdriver and kicked him while on the ground.

Stuart had suffered a massive brain injury and although he clung to life for seven days, he died a week later without regaining conciousness.

Yesterday, Majola, from Warrington, was sentenced to life behind bars, with a recommendation he serve at least 12 years before he can be considered for parole.

He had admitted murder last month at Chester crown court.

The court heard that joinery apprentice Stuart had gone to a party at The Bank Quay Social Club on October 17, last year.

It finished at 11pm and led to up to 100 young people, mostly students, milling around on the streets outside.

The mood began to change when football songs were chanted and witnesses report seeing fighting breaking out.

Majola and his friend were hit, and later claimed they had been subjected to racist comments.

The defendant left the scene in a friend’s car and was dropped off at his home nearby.

But instead of staying there, he armed himself with a screwdriver, and headed back to Warrington town centre.

His friend, who had also armed himself with a shovel, joined him.

As they walked along Sankey Street they came across Stuart Lowe with his friends, making their way home.

Although Stuart was not involved in the initial fight, an altercation developed between the two groups, and Majola struck his head with the screwdriver.

Witnesses say Majola kicked Stuart as he lay on the floor before running off.

A 17-year-old, from Warrington, pleaded guilty to the possession of the shovel and affray and was jailed for 18 months.


Billy Ward
December 2007

A 21-year-old was stabbed to death on a night bus in what his father has claimed was a racist attack.

Billy Ward, who works as a roofer, had been making his way home after a night out when he become involved in an argument with two men.

Friends of the victim said the attackers began hitting him on the head before following him from the top deck of the bus and starting a fight.

The brawl spilled over on to the pavement as the bus pulled over. Mr Ward was found shortly afterwards bleeding from stab wounds having been knifed in the chest.

He was taken by ambulance to Mayday Hospital in Croydon but was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

His father, Bill Ward, 52, said the murder was racially motivated.

He said: "He was picked because he was white. This was a racist attack. They started on him because they thought he would be a push-over but my son stood up to them.

"The police had better catch his killers before I get hold of them."

The 21-year-old had been travelling on the N159 night bus home from Croydon in the early hours of Saturday when he was involved in the row. Witnesses said he had not realised he had been stabbed until he removed his top and saw blood pouring out.



Timothy Smith
Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Teenager on a BMX allegedly stabbed a man at a city centre bus stop after he bumped into him on the pavement, a court heard.

Rickell Patterson, of Norland Close, St Ann's, is accused of murdering journalist Timothy Smith on Tuesday, May 1, in Upper Parliament Street, at around 6.30pm.

Lynne Tayton, prosecuting, told Nottingham Crown Court that Patterson, nicknamed 'Rizzle', stabbed Mr Smith in his chest after the collision and a 30-second scuffle.

Patterson, then 16 now 17, was one of four black youths who then fled on their BMX bikes, the court heard.
The defendant admits stabbing Mr Smith, of Kingsthorpe Close, St Ann's, but denies murder, claiming Mr Smith became 'crazy' after stepping into the bike's path and being hit.

The court heard that Patterson had armed himself with a knife from Tesco that day because his friend had been attacked by a group from Radford.

Nathan Towle was waiting for a bus at the time of the incident.

He told the jury: "I remember one of them [the group] striking Tim with his right hand towards his chest. I assumed it was a punch and then everybody just disappeared straight away."

Mr Smith was rushed to Queen's Medical Centre, but died just after 1am from a single stab wound which punctured his lung and a main vein.

Patterson handed himself into Central Police Station the next day, accompanied by his mother and another relative.

The family had been told about the incident by the father of one of Patterson's friends, the court heard.

Patterson answered no comment in his police interview but provided officers with a prepared statement in which he denied intentionally killing Mr Smith and said the older man was the aggressor after their collision.

"The defendant claims he only meant to stab him in the arm," Ms Tayton said.

Patterson disposed of the knife in a flooded area of Sycamore Park, from where it was later recovered by police.

Ms Tayton said the defendant also changed his top because it had blood on it.

Mr Smith, a court reporter previously employed in Leicester, had moved to Nottingham to seek freelance work.

At the time of the incident he was reading a bus timetable and eating a cheeseburger having spent the afternoon surfing the internet at Nottingham Central Library.


Youth guilty of bus stop murder



Jason Spencer
Jason Spencer 17
11th October 2007
Tithby Drive, Sherwood, Nottingham

A 17-year-old from Nottingham who murdered a teenager after a row about a ripped jacket has been jailed for life. Judge Michael Stokes said Reuben Valentine was "barbaric and evil" and told him he must serve at least 16 years for killing Jason Spencer, 17.

Nottingham Crown Court was told Valentine had become angry when his jacket was torn during a play fight. Valentine, from Sherwood, had denied the charge but changed his plea to guilty on Wednesday. Judge Stokes also said Valentine was a "totally out of control" and agreed Jason Spencer's mother was right to describe Valentine as "barbaric and evil".


matt cowell
Keith Cowell 52 and Matthew Cowell 17
30th August 2007
Plaw Hatch Close, Bishops Stortford.

Killers who shot dead three men at a house in Hertfordshire used knives on a woman because they ran out of bullets, a police source has said. Keith Cowell, 52, and his son Matthew, 17, died alongside 33-year-old Tony Dulieu, of Billericay, in the shooting in Bishop's Stortford on Tuesday night. Police are working on the theory the attack was drugs related.

They are hunting two Asian men, aged in their early 20s, seen driving a red car away from the scene on Tuesday. Mr Cowell's wife Nicole, 46, had left for work at Stansted Airport minutes before the gunmen arrived. A woman, aged 54, believed to be Mr Cowell's sister, and a woman aged 23, believed to be Matthew's girlfriend Claire, were seriously injured. Their condition remains serious but stable.


Stacy Westbury
17 August 2007

A man has been jailed for life for the sexual assault and murder of a woman, eight days after he was released on bail over separate rape allegations.

The body of Stacey Westbury, 23, was found at her home in Fulham, west London, on 17 August 2007.

Christopher Braithwaite, 22, of Shepherd's Bush, west London, was arrested the following day.

He pleaded guilty to both charges and was jailed for life, with a minimum term of 30 years, at the Old Bailey.

Judge Stephen Kramer told Braithwaite: "What you did to her was not simply a momentary burst of rage."

The judge said a series of rape charges in relation to other victims should be allowed to lie on file.

Miss Westbury was alone in her flat with her 10-month-old son in his cot when Braithwaite carried out his attack.

She was discovered by her father, Kenneth Westbury, nearly 24 hours later.

He said the day he found his daughter's body would haunt him for the rest of his life.

He said he had felt "the most awful pain" but also "white hot rage" because of what had happened to her.

"I feel so guilty I was not there to protect my little girl," he added.

Christopher Braithwaite
Braithwaite attacked his victim while she was alone in her flat

Her mother Lorraine said their grandson had nightmares and became hysterical if strangers came to the house.

Prosecutor Victor Temple QC said the crime was "a particularly grave sexually-motivated murder".

"This defendant, addicted to crack cocaine, carried out a violent sexual assault on a defenceless young woman which in turn involved an element of sexual abuse accompanied by strangulation," Mr Temple added.

A post-mortem examination also found she had been stabbed.

He said that after the killing, Braithwaite did nothing to alert anyone to the presence of a baby on its own in the flat and that he returned after the murder to steal a telephone, some jewellery and a pedal bike.

Mr Temple said after Braithwaite was arrested over claims of rape and false imprisonment on 9 August he was questioned and released on police bail.

Disadvantaged family

"There were, of course, possible potential allegations to be charged against him," he said. "He wasn't charged at the time."

Braithwaite was subsequently charged over alleged rape, but the charges, and others relating to another woman, were all allowed to lie on file.

The charges include rape, false imprisonment and actual bodily harm, involving "manual strangulation".

Oliver Blunt QC, defending, said Braithwaite was suffering from a personality disorder, worsened by his use of drugs and that he came from a "somewhat disadvantaged family".

Braithwaite had a previous conviction for wounding after he stabbed a man in 2005.

Sentencing, Judge Kramer said: "She was only 23 years old. She was with her 10-month old son.

"What you did in killing her, robbing her family of a much-loved daughter and sister, has been devastating to them."

Andrew Holland 16
17th August 2007
Plodder Lane, Farnworth

A MAN has been charged in connection with the death of Andrew Holland. Mahmud Maksoudian, aged 21, of Madams Wood Road, Little Hulton, is alleged to have stabbed the teenager to death outside Ashy's chip shop in Plodder Lane, Farnworth. He was arrested shortly after the incident, which happened at 10.50pm on Friday and has been charged with murder and assault.

Andrew was one of two 16-year-old boys attacked outside Ashy's Takeaway in Plodder Lane, Farnworth, at about 10.50pm on Friday, following an argument thought to involve one of the victims. Police found Andrew, of Trentham Gardens, Farnworth, collapsed and bleeding. Both teenagers were taken to Rochdale Infirmary where Andrew later died.

UPDATE 26 Feb 2008

A man has been given a life sentence for the murder of a 16-year-old boy who was stabbed to death near a takeaway.



Kevin Beckingham, with and without his glasses
Kevin Beckingham 35
14th August 2007
Nithdale Road, Plumstead

A FITNESS trainer used a hold he learned from an martial arts instruction video to throttle a disabled man and then tried to pin the blame on his best friend, a court heard.

Khorram Azim, aged 34, of Wood Place, Chislehurst Road, Sidcup, is on trial for the murder of Kevin Beckingham at his home in Nithdale Road, Plumstead, on February 12 last year. The Old Bailey heard how Azim killed Mr Beckingham, aged 35, with his own hands using a choke hold from the American martial art of catch wrestling.

In 1999, Mr Beckingham employed Azim, a father-of-one, as a personal trainer to help him "build himself up.

It is claimed Azim, who was described as "manipulative" and "aggressive", stabbed Mr Beckingham in the neck after choking him to death, to make it look like he had been killed by an intruder.


James Houliston, 44
12th July 2007
Shoreditch Park, Hackney

A MURDER hunt is under way after a builder beaten up in a busy Hoxton park lost his fight for life. James Houliston, 44, of Regan Way, was left with a fractured skill when he was attacked in Shoreditch Park three weeks ago. Police are keen to trace a dark-skinned Asian man in his late teens, who is about 5ft 11ins tall and has an athletic build. He was wearing light-coloured shorts and was wearing or holding a white T-shirt. It is believed he was with a group of about six Asian and black youths in their late teens, as well as a white girl with blonde or bleached hair.


Keith Brown 52
6th July 2007
Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent

At just after 4pm on Friday 6th of July, despite valiant efforts by paramedics, 52 year old Keith Brown was pronounced dead on the front lawn of his garden in Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent. The police, the local newspaper (the Sentinel), together with local TV and radio reported that Keith had died as the result of, “a dispute between neighbours”. As has become the norm when white indigenous people are killed by non-white immigrants no further details were given about the attack and the public were simply left to imagine just what might have occurred.

Had the roles of victim/perpetrator been reversed of course the media and the police would have gone to extraordinary lengths to emphasise the depths of British wickedness and speculate as to what great heights the victim would have climbed had the community not been deprived by yet another act of “white racism”.

The British people have become so used to the double standards employed in the reporting of race crime it has become understood amongst many British people that an attack on one of their own together with a non descriptive account of the assailants can mean only one thing.

Maybe there is some perverse logic operating here, perhaps with all good intentions the police and the media are justifying their selective treatment of racially-motivated assault, rape and murder as for the better interests of the community as a whole. Nevertheless, even the most twisted of liberal minds must be able to understand the consequences of completely writing off the indigenous population and that only in the relative short-term can they get away with it.

BNP presence on council

Unfortunately for those content to sacrifice their own kind on the altar of diversity, the latest Muslim gang murder of an Englishman took place in Stoke-on-Trent. This very English city regularly votes en masse for British National Party representatives with the result that, despite massive efforts by the Labour Party, a powerful block of BNP councillors sits in the Civic Hall. The people of this city are fair-minded, proud and intelligent and easily able to repel the constant stream of ethno-masochistic propaganda that is regularly directed towards them. The people of Stoke elect BNP councilors for a reason, because they believe with all their hearts that the Party and its councillors are the only ones prepared to tell the truth.

In many British town and cities the murder of another one of our own kind at the hands of yet another gang of Muslim thugs could very well be covered up, but not in Stoke. What you are about to read is the shocking and scandalous truth about the murder of Keith Brown, a man now being mourned by seven children.

Land grab

The so-called neighbourhood dispute first started when Keith Brown’s Muslim neighbours decided to move the fence that divides their property an extra two feet in their favour. Keith tried all he could to get the council’s legal team to stop the erection of concrete posts and new fence panels on his property, but despite being advised that he was “in the right” on several occasions nothing was done.

Every morning Keith would open his curtains to see this encroachment on his own bit of land, his own personal space and, as the large Muslim family started to take pleasure in goading him about the invasion of his property, his quality of life became minimal.

The relationship between the neighbours became seriously strained and it was not long before the police were called to intervene. Amazingly though it was Keith who found himself dragged before the courts on a trumped up charge of “racism”, but thankfully his West Indian neighbour appeared as a witness and described the charges as ridiculous. Eventually the case was thrown out.
Keith’s eldest son was actually sent to prison for later defending his father against a further physical assault, the injustice of which hurt Keith considerably.

Last year the brake pipes of Keith’s van were cut and he narrowly avoided a serious accident. Not long after this Keith’s beloved English bull terrier was poisoned to death and his Alsatian puppy mysteriously disappeared.

Throughout all of this time Keith and his partner had requested to move from the area to a new council house, but despite being on the housing list for years nothing was ever done for them.

CCTV footage

In desperation Keith fitted a CCTV system to his house in order to obtain video evidence of the continued racially-motivated abuse and assaults directed towards him and his family. One such assault was indeed captured on video and burnt to DVD. Last year Stoke BNP councillor Steve Batkin requested a meeting with a local police Inspector at Sutherland Road Police Station in Longton to hand over the DVD and to complain about Muslim drug dealing in the area. The female, Asian officer refused to even take the DVD and dismissed Steve’s formal complaint about the continuing assaults on Keith Brown saying that , “she knew who he was”. In the minuted meeting she at least said she would look at the narcotics issue, but later informed Steve that the alleged drug-dealing was just down to “private hire drivers falling asleep in their cars”.

The months of anguish continued for Keith, abuse, assaults and smashed windows until finally the inevitable but entirely avoidable happed. Last Friday afternoon witnesses saw Keith and his neighbours in yet another flare up. Keith had just returned from picking up his three youngest children from school when he was confronted by a group of Muslim men outside his house. Whilst Keith was remonstrating with these men another Muslim man crept from behind a car and plunged a large knife in his back. Keith never saw it coming, but his three young children did. Having brutally attacked Keith the gang then set about his 19-year-old son leaving him hospitalised.

As Keith lay dying in his garden, paramedics desperately tried to resuscitate him, but Keith had already slipped away, stabbed in the back by his murderer and stabbed in the back by those who should have protected him.
One of the things we have always been proud of in this country is that, unlike other countries, life is not cheap here. Not anymore, even in Third world countries never would the ruling elite, the police and the media despise their fellow countrymen so much that they would conspire to ensure that their lives were made the cheapest of them all.


Martin Dinnegan
Martin Dinnegan 14
26th June 2007
Tollington Way, Islington

Martin Dinnegan, 14, was stabbed in the chest in Tollington Way, Islington, on Tuesday night and died at the scene. Mrs Dinnegan said: "I've just been speaking to one of Martin's friends and he says it's because apparently they were looking at each other in the wrong way."

"Before he knew it, there were lots of boys fighting and he said he just looked and Martin was lying on the ground. Detective Supt Richard Heselden said: "This was a vicious attack carried out in daylight on a busy street and we are keen to trace any witnesses we may not have already spoken to, or anyone who has any information as to who may be responsible."

Mrs Dinnegan said police initially told her it was a robbery and that his attackers were five black youths on bicycles. Police sources stressed, however, that detectives are keeping an open mind on the motive. (Had it been a white on black crime we all no what the police would be saying now dont we)


Ben Hitchcock
Ben Hitchcock 16
23rd June 2007
Southend Road, Beckenham

Ben Hitchcock died after he was stabbed in a fight in Southend Road, Beckenham, at the junction with Calverley Close, at 11.36pm. Eyewitnesses described youths wielding metal chains, poles and pick-axe handles in the fight, which is now the subject of a murder investigation.

Ben, who was a Year 11 pupil at Kelsey Park Sports College, in Manor Way, Beckenham, was taken to Lewisham Hospital by ambulance, where he was pronounced dead. Lee Hitchcock, of Blean Road, Beckenham, said: "My son was loved very much by his family and many friends.

Neighbours from the flats overlooking the scene have described the "mayhem" of a "terrifying" incident. An ex-police officer, who does not want to be named, described how the incident unfolded. He said: "We heard lots of shouting in the street and all of a sudden there were somewhere between 30 to 40 youths there.

"There was one large gang who seemed predominantly black, who came from the direction of Lewisham. "The other gang came from the direction of Beckenham and seemed to be mixed. "They were carrying pick-axe handles, metal scaffolding poles and other homemade weapons and swinging chains above their heads. "They seemed to be big guys and they all pulled their hoodies up when they were around 50 yards away from each other.

So far 14 youths have been arrested in connection with the investigation, including one girl. All 14, who are aged between 13 and 16-years-old, were bailed last night and will return to a south London police station on June 27.


Pc Jon Henry with his baby daughter Maggie (Police handout)
PC Jon Henry 36
13th June 2007
George Street, Luton

A 27-year-old man charged with the murder of Luton police officer Jon Henry has been remanded in custody. Tennyson Obih, of Luton, was also charged with the attempted murder of two window cleaners - Steven Chamberlain and David Knight. Pc Henry, 36, was stabbed after responding to reports of an assault in Luton's George Street early on Monday.

Mr Obih appeared before Luton magistrates where he was remanded to appear at Luton Crown Court on 26 June. Despite his police-issue body armour Pc Henry suffered stab wounds to the neck and died later at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

Pc Henry, whose daughter Maggie will be one at the end of the month, had been on duty for less than 30 minutes before the incident.


Kate Beagley - May 2007

A fitness trainer was jailed for life today for murdering a woman on their first date.

Kate Beagley, 32, was killed in a frenzied attack as she sat on a park bench at a beauty spot overlooking the river Thames in May last year.

Her naked body was found four days later with 31 stab wounds to the face and neck.

Today at the Old Bailey, Karl Taylor, 27, of Covent Garden, central London, was found guilty of her murder and told he must serve a minimum of 30 years in prison.

After his arrest, Taylor led police to Beagley's body dumped in nettles in Oxhey Wood, north of London.

He had driven her there in the boot of her grey VW Golf car, which Taylor told police he had intended to steal when he met her.

The trial heard Taylor had gone on the date armed with a knife, which he placed up his sleeve as he sat with Beagley in the Roebuck pub in Richmond Hill, south-west London.

Taylor claimed in court she committed suicide in front of him by prodding her head forward on to his knife after telling him of her problems.

He demonstrated her actions using an envelope instead of a knife, and told the jury: "I realised she passed away. I was crying profusely. I lay on the grass and looked at the sky."

The pair had met days earlier at a club in central London and exchanged phone numbers.

During their date, Beagley, of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, appeared to be ignoring him, the court was told.

Peter Clarke QC, prosecuting, said Taylor told police he stabbed Beagley during an argument after telling her: "All I want is your car."

He told police: "She pushed me away. She was grabbing me and I stabbed her in the throat. I constantly and consistently cut her in the neck because she was going for my face."

Taylor removed her clothes and washed her body with mineral water before dumping it, the court heard. He later showed off the car to friends and family, and sold Beagley's mobile phone to a friend.


Samantha Anderson 29
26th May 2007
Vallum Court, Elswick, Newcastle

Bodybuilding asylum seeker Ari Abdullah was today beginning a life sentence for killing nursery nurse Samantha Anderson in a ferocious attack. Steroid user Abdullah had been engaged to the 29-year-old before their relationship broke down last July. Abdullah, who could be freed after serving less than 12 years of the life term, had been jealous during their time together and cautioned for assaulting her. And when Samantha called at his flat in Vallum Court, Elswick, Newcastle, to collect mail last October, the Iraqi-born Kurd launched a "relentless" armed onslaught.

Factory worker Abdullah, 30, lashed Samantha about the head with his heavy weightlifting belt, Newcastle Crown Court heard.


Paul Kelly 32
5th May 2007

A few minutes after midnight 2006, 32-year-old Paul Kelly was murdered in Bath. Paul was stabbed repeatedly outside the Longacre Tavern following a row that started in the pub. Paul's and his friends were out celebrating the New Year when, just after midnight, they got into an argument with a black woman and her friends. Paul did his best to seperate the two sides and things quietened down.

However, after a few minutes the row started up again. It spilled out into the street outside the pub and, once again, Paul was seen trying to calm things down. Despite his easily perceived role as peacemaker, a black youth, who had not been associated with the original argument, emerged from the crowd and began stabbing Paul repeatedly.

One of the blows pierced his heart and he died almost immediately.

In March 2007, Paul's killer had still not been apprehended, even though many of the pub-goers must have known his identity. However, after a £10,000 reward was posted on BBC's Crimewatch, one name was repeatedly mentioned and the police are now, hopefully, closing in on the murderer.,,2052550,00.html


Andrew Owen 42

5th May 2007
Coronation Gardens, Sedgley

Two men have appeared in court accused of the murders of two men whose bodies were found 20 miles apart. Gabriel Bhengu, 26, and Jabu Mbowane, 25, of Wolverhampton are further accused of conspiracy to rob.

The body of Andrew Owen, 42, was found in Sedgley, West Midlands, on 15 April. Neil Williams, 41, of Telford, was found in nearby Stirchley on 6 April. A 21-year-old woman, Kashia Allen, also of Wolverhampton, is also charged with conspiracy to rob.

Both murder victims are thought to have been robbed while walking home from public houses. Mr Bhengu and Mr Mbowane, South African nationals who live in Court Road, Whitmore Reans, and Ms Allen, of Crosby Close, Farndale, have been remanded in custody until 15 May.

UPDATE 9 May 08

Two illegal immigrants have been found guilty of murdering two men who were strangled during separate street robberies.

A jury took just over six hours to convict Gabriel Bhengu and Jabu Mbowane, both 26, of murdering Andrew Owen and Neil Williams in April last year. They will each serve at least 30 years in jail.

The defendants admitted mugging the victims but denied intending to harm them. A third defendant, 22-year-old Kashia Allen, was found guilty of the manslaughter of Mr Owen, who died after being put in a headlock.

Full Story and Source


Neil Williams
Neil Williams 41
5th May 2007
Calcott, Stirchley

Two men have appeared in court accused of the murders of two men whose bodies were found 20 miles apart. Gabriel Bhengu, 26, and Jabu Mbowane, 25, of Wolverhampton are further accused of conspiracy to rob.

The body of Andrew Owen, 42, was found in Sedgley, West Midlands, on 15 April. Neil Williams, 41, of Telford, was found in nearby Stirchley on 6 April. A 21-year-old woman, Kashia Allen, also of Wolverhampton, is also charged with conspiracy to rob.

Both murder victims are thought to have been robbed while walking home from public houses. Mr Bhengu and Mr Mbowane, South African nationals who live in Court Road, Whitmore Reans, and Ms Allen, of Crosby Close, Farndale, have been remanded in custody until 15 May.


Victim: Thomas Fahey
Thomas Fahey, 41
6th April 2007
Streatham, south London

A professional footballer has been jailed for eight years for helping to plan a robbery which ended in murder. Ashley Sestanovich, an ex-body double for Arsenal's Thierry Henry, used to play for Grimbsy and Sheffield United.

He was convicted of conspiracy to rob a roofing firm in Streatham, south London, in June 2005. Damien Ennis, 26, and Hallroy Reid, 40, were convicted of the murder of Thomas Fahey, 42, who was shot in the chest during the raid. Mr Fahey was visiting his brother at the family firm when the raid took place. He was shot when he chased the men as they tried to make off.
Damien Ennis (l) and Hallroy Reid
Ennis and Reid both denied murder


Alan Sheard
Alan Sheard 67
3rd April 2007
Leeds Road, Thornbury

Police investigating the murder of a pensioner who died after being attacked during an argument with youths have urged those involved to come forward. Alan Sheard, of St Hilda's Terrace in Bradford, was walking along Leeds Road, Thornbury, on Sunday night when he got into an argument with the group.

It is believed one of the youngsters then assaulted the 67-year-old. The group are described as Asian, with three in their late teens and one about 14 years old, police said. They ran off up Thornbury Avenue after the incident.


Murdered Russell Aylett with his daughter Danielle
Russell Aylett
30th March 2007
Rush Green Road, Romford

A MAN has been jailed for life after watching a "psychopathic and homophobic" attack on a father-of-three before strangling him, and hiding his body in a wardrobe, to stop him going to the police.

Heavily-built Richard Truszczynski, 26, was jailed on Friday for the "utterly pointless" murder of Russell Aylett, 42, at the Rush Green Road YMCA last March.


Ian Ward was 'a lovely man and a good son'
Ian Ward 37
10th March 2007
Long Ditton, Surrey

Grieving relatives looked on aghast as learner driver Denise Williams-Yelbert maintained a wall of silence while facing charges over the death of cyclist Ian Ward, on the day he would have turned 38.

Ms Williams-Yelbert, 31, from Morden, pleaded not guilty at Staines Magistrates' Court on Monday to driving without due care and attention, driving without insurance and driving on a provisional licence without supervision. She spoke only to confirm her name, address and not guilty plea and left the court without making a statement.

It follows an inquest last month when the Woking coroner was forced to record an open verdict because Ms Williams-Yelbert refused to answer any questions on the accident, which crash scene investigators alleged happened when she was speeding on a straight road on a clear day and inside a cycle lane.


Rik Adams with son Blake.
Rik Adams 34
27th February 2007
Nechells, Birmingham

THE family of hit-and-run victim Rik Adams said nothing could compensate them for their loss after his killer was jailed for four years. Ahdal Zaffer, aged 20, will be freed after serving just two years in a young offenders' institute for the crash which killed the doting dad-of-one.

He was driving a high-powered Subaru Impreza "like lightning" when he lost control on a bend near Star City, in Nechells, hurtled through the air and landed on top of Mr Adams' car, killing him. The chartered surveyor, from Knowle, Solihull, was on his way to meet wife Susan to buy food for their son Blake's first birthday party.

The devoted family man did not know Susan was pregnant with their second child, which she only discovered three weeks after his death. Baby Erica was born on January 31 weighing 7lb 3oz.


Allan Chappelow
Allan Chappelow 86
21st February 2007
Hampsted, London

A man has pleaded not guilty to murdering an 86-year-old millionaire author in his north-west London home. Wang Yam, 45, is accused of killing Allan Chappelow at the house in Hampstead, between May and June 2006.

He also denied theft, burglary and deception charges, including obtaining a £20,000 money transfer by impersonating the writer. Mr Yam, a financial trader from Hampstead, was remanded in custody at the Old Bailey for trial on 2 July.

Four cheques, mail and a mobile phone were missing from Mr Chappelow's house in Downshire Hill. Mr Yam further denied alternative charges of theft and handling stolen property in relation to the missing items.

Mr Chappelow's body was discovered by police at his home in June after concerns were raised about his welfare. A post-mortem examination revealed the writer had died from head injuries.


Roger Hare
20th February 2007

A crack addict who left a charity worker for dead had been freed early from prison weeks earlier after another violent attack.

Ebanezer Adesina was on licence when he ferociously attacked Roger Hare after the profoundly deaf grandfather asked him to move his legs so he could get off a train.

The 20-year-old was released early from a three-year jail term for robbing two men.

While in jail, he broke a fellow inmate's jaw and was sentenced to serve 15 months concurrently for the attack.

Adesina, who was unemployed, was on the same train as 61-year-old Mr Hare, who was returning home after an evening discussing charity events in London on February 20 this year.

As he stood up to leave the train at West Dulwich station in South London, Mr Hare politely asked Adesina to move his feet so he could pass by.

Adesina remained motionless and as Mr Hare brushed past him, he stood up, swore and started to punch his victim repeatedly.

Mr Hare was struck with such force that he landed head first on the platform, shattering his skull.

Witnesses described him hitting the ground "like a sack of potatoes".

Adesina then calmly stepped over his Mr Hare's unconscious body and walked out of the station, telling a passenger who shouted at him to stop: "What's the point? He's dead already."

Mr Hare spent a week in a coma on a life-support machine.

Yesterday Adesina, from Dagenham, East London, was sent to jail indefinitely at Southwark Crown Court for causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He was found guilty by a jury at an earlier hearing.

Judge Christopher Elwen ordered him to serve a minimum of six years, telling him: "The savagery of that attack can be inferred from the descriptions of the eyewitnesses, who spoke variously of big, powerful, swinging punches delivered like a professional boxer, of Mr Hare being used like a punchbag, and there being a barrage of fists."

The court heard that while Adesina was serving his three-year sentence for robbery in Feltham Young Offenders' Institute he viciously attacked another inmate.

Judge Elwen said: "That attack lasted 15 or 20 seconds and resulted in the person at the end of your fist suffering a broken jaw.

"I do therefore consider it would be reasonable to conclude there is a risk to the public of you committing further specified offences because of the sustained severity of the attack in the present case."


Serena Mahoney 26
2nd February 2007
Windmill Lane, Cheshunt,

A jury sitting at St Albans Crown Court took less than one day to find Aaron Venna, father of one guilty of violently attacking Serena, 26. He repeatedly stamped on her face and sexually assaulted her before throwing her into the River Lee where she drowned.

Serena, who tragically died just yards from where she lived on a houseboat in Windmill Lane, Cheshunt, suffered horrific injuries as a result of Venna's sadistic attack.

Venna is due to be sentenced next month when the minimum amount of time he must serve in prison before being considered for parole will be set.

Below, vile murderer Aaron Venna