The Fallen 1995 to 2000

Mandy Powell 19
December 2000

Aaron Powell, 56, from Grangetown, Cardiff, was left devastated after 19-year-old Mandy Powell was killed in December 2000. Salal Said, from Dunn Square, Newport, south Wales, was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court to six years in jail after being found guilty of causing Mandy Powell's death by dangerous driving.

George Napier 36
10 November 2000
New Cross, South London

George worked as a Doorman at the Paradise Bar and was the father of three children. When he refused entry to violent Negro Duaine Daniels he was stabbed through the heart. Daniels had just been released from a 10 year sentence for beating an elderly lady during an aggravated burglary. During that trial Daniels had asked for 950 similar offences to be taken into consideration. On release he became a serial mugger and armed robber to feed his £300/day crack habit. He received seven life sentences during the second trial. The judge said Daniels would remain a serious danger to the public.

Wade Hewitt 26

4 November 2000
Barking, East London

Wade, father of a 21 month old daughter, was travelling home on the top deck of the No. 5 bus at midnight. In what police have described as a motiveless attack two Negro youths repeatedly stabbed him in the stomach. Wade was rushed to King George's Hospital but died two days later. There was no evidence of robbery or that he knew the murderers. The media coverage of this particularly violent racial murder was near enough non-existent and there certainly was no outcry from any liberal left-wingers nor any public enquiry into the murder. The cowardly Black racist killers have never been found.

Liam Gall 18

26 September 2000
Redditch town centre

Omar Mohammed stabbed to death Liam Gall in Redditch town centre two years ago in a dispute with two of Liam's associates over stolen computer equipment. The murderer may only serve 6 to 7 years according to the judge's recommendations. At the trial the court heard that Mohammed had previous convictions for burglary, breaching of orders, theft, obstructing a police officer in the course of his duty and a caution for drug-related offences. Liam's father said "This was not an off the cuff act, it was premeditated murder and that creature should be behind bars for at least 15 years." He should be repatriated - in a body bag after he has swung.

Sean Phillips 31

27 June 2000
Southampton, Hants

Sean, a father of one and a fit man, went into Southampton General Hospital for routine minor surgery on his left knee. Unfortunately he was under the care of two highly incompetent, poorly trained Asian doctors, Amit Misra and Rajeev Srivastava. Sean got a bacterial infection in his knee after the operation; the pair were baffled by his symptoms but refused to admit they were out of their depth. They ignored nurses’ warnings to alert senior staff and five days later Sean died of blood poisoning and kidney failure. During their trial for manslaughter by gross negligence, it was revealed that they failed to arrange blood tests or give the patient the antibiotics that could have saved his life. They both received only a two year suspended sentence for their terrible blunder!

Winifred Sills 79
1 May 2000
Manor Park, East London

Miss Sills was returning home from a trip to the shops, using a walking frame as she was very frail. A 15 year old 6ft tall Asian hit her from behind for her handbag, which contained only small change. She hit her head against a car as she fell and went into a coma later that day. She never regained consciousness and died two weeks later at Newham General Hospital from a massive brain haemorrhage. The Asian murderer bragged and joked about the attack and got a short sentence for manslaughter.

Tim Baxter 25
June 1999
Hungerford Bridge, Central London

Tim, a Law student was walking home when he was confronted by a Black gang, who mugged him, beat him unconscious and then threw him in the River Thames. His body was found the next day by the River Police. The vicious Negro gang was later caught on CCTV singing Jamaican rap songs, kissing and laughing. Sonni Read, Cameron Cyrus, Toni Blackson (female) and three others were convicted of murder.

Lee, Sandra, Kathleen, Maddison, Rhiannon and Reece Day. Yvonne Culverhouse 22, 50, 76, 3, 3, 2,

March 1999
Chingford, London

In March 1999, Richard Fielding was convicted of the manslaughter of six people (seven died) by reason of 'diminished responsibility.' Fielding poured petrol through the letterbox of a house when everyone inside was asleep, set fire to that petrol, and four generations of the Day family were incinerated: Lee Day, his mother Sandra, his grandmother Kathleen, Lee's three-year-old twins Maddison and Rhiannon, two-year-old Reece, and Lee's girlfriend, Yvonne Culverhouse. Fielding believed that Lee Day was out to get him and had conspired to prevent him becoming: (a) 'a famous DJ' and (b) 'a famous male model.' Thus far Fielding has not shown any remorse for his crime. Indeed, Detective Chief Inspector Ship, who was in charge of the investigation, said that 'He is now infamous as opposed to famous and there is some evidence he is enjoying that notoriety.' Terrible crimes such as this are, after a short time, rarely remembered by anyone other than those immediately affected by them. The media does not dwell on such horror as this. Why not? Fielding was homosexual, the Days were not. Fielding was black, the Day family was white.

Jenny Morrison 51
23 November 1998
Tooting, South London

Black paranoid schizophrenic Anthony Joseph, who thought he was the son of God, stabbed Jenny, a hospital field worker, more than a hundred times when she went to assess him at a half-way hostel for the mentally ill. Negro Joseph showed no sign of emotion as the verdict of guilty was read out in court. The lunatic had not been taking his medication and had been drinking heavily before the attack. Jenny had gone to the hostel to discuss plans to readmit the deranged negro back to a mental hospital because of the deterioration in his condition. Joseph, 27, was convicted at the Old Bailey of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibilty and sent to Broadmoor, where he will be kept at the British taxpayer's expense.

Christopher Wandless 20

29 August 1988
Walthamstow, South London

Chris, an engineering student, had been walking home in the early hours when he was blasted with a shotgun in an unprovoked attack by West Indian Negro career criminal, Cleveland Jones, aged 28. The powerfully built black first shot Chris in the back and when he fell to the pavement shot him again at point-blank range in the chest. Jones had a string of convictions going back to his teens, including 16 armed robberies; at the time of the murder he was on bail for burglary, despite police objections. Days after the murder he abducted and raped a young White nurse and a month later shot dead his own mother. Jones was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and sent to Broadmoor without a recommended time for release. He told police: "I left home intending to kill someone and he (Chris) happened to be the first person I saw." Such are the joys of our "vibrant multi-cultural society"!

Peter Harvey 26

1 August 1998
Walthamstow, South London

Peter was eating at the bar of the snooker club with his girlfriend watching his brother Brian enjoy a game of pool. When the Asian slashed his brother, Peter went to his assistance and was also cut across the jugular vein. Both men where described as decent and hard working and devoted to their elderly widowed mother.

Brian Harvey 31

1 August 1998
Walthamstow, South London

Brian was playing pool in the Churchill snooker club with his brother, when an Asian in his mid 20s, in an unprovoked attack, slashed him across his jugular vein. Police described it as an execution-style killing.

Derek Nolan 39

14 July 1998
Leyton, East London

Mild-mannered Derek had been having problems with some anti-social 'neighbours' and felt threatened by them. His front door had been slashed with a knife in the past. While cycling home one evening at 6.40pm a Negro pounced on him and stabbed him to death. His mother Lillian branded her son's killer 'a coward.' She said Derek was very musical and played Mozart a lot. After his racist murder some sc*m broke into his home and stole some of his possessions including electrical items and his treasured guitar. Police were searching for a Negro with short dreadlocks, in his late 20's, wearing a long black coat and yellow trousers.

Stephen Hughes 24

July 1998

After observing his girlfriend being punched and thrown to the floor for not giving a cigarette to her animal attacker, Stephen intervened and was stabbed repeatedly. He was taken to hospital but died later the same night.

James McParland 49

4 April 1998

James "Seamus" McParland was found on a pavement in a back alley near Duke Bar, Burnley, after a night out in the early hours of April 4. He had been punched and kicked in the head and robbed. He died shortly afterwards. Sasjid Hussain, 19 and Omar Beg, 17 had murdered him for money to buy cannabis.

Louie Wade 53
Newham, East London

A gang of Asians were heard shouting anti-white racist abuse, then they surrounded Louie and stabbed him to death.

Stephen McLaughlin 20

11 November 1997
Preston, Lancashire

After an argument between Whites and Asians (Pakistani/Bengali) at Preston College, the same evening there was a clash on Cemetary Road. The Asians were armed with cricket bats but according to local residents the Whites were unarmed. Stephen, a young father aged 20, was caught by the Asians and severely beaten, dying in hospital two days later. Eleven Asians were charged with murder. A very strange thing happened in court, on 03/11/99. Crown Prosecutor Howard Bentham QC announced that evidence would not be given in court, in order not to cause racial tension in the town. Murder charges were dropped, and Ziah Khan, 25, Javed Khan, 27, and Asif Khan admitted manslaughter (unintentional killing). There was little or no national media coverage.

Nina MacKay 25
24 October 1997
Stratford, East London

WPC MacKay died of knife wounds she received when entering the flat of deranged Somalian illegal immigrant Magdi Elgizouli, whom she was going to arrest and deport. She died later in Newham General Hospital.

Ricky Smith 25

3 October 1997
Highbury, North London

Young father Ricky and his wife Anita were walking home in the late evening having just visited a kebab shop near the Highbury Barn pub. Suddenly a Negro jogged past and then without any motive stabbed Ricky in the chest. His wife was screaming and hysterical and he died before reaching hospital. Witnesses said the black murderer had "an unusual style of walking" and was seen jogging around the area earlier. He was 18-30 and about 6ft tall. There had been two stabbings a few days earlier in the same area by somebody fitting the same description, one of a French tourist who had been stabbed in the stomach in another unprovoked attack. Detectives think it was the same crazed Negro. Police found a lock knife with a three and a half inch blade near the scene. A distinctive baseball cap and 'Chicago Bulls' jacket were also dropped by the killer as he fled. Ricky leaves two children, a daughter of 9 years and a son of 14 months.

Elizabeth Pinhorn 96

9 June 1997
Herne Hill, South London

Pulled to ground from her doorstep for her handbag. Black killer never found.

Ian Marshall 48

10 March 1997
Sale, Manchester

Ian ran a grocery/off-licence on a troubled estate but had pledged not to be driven out. He discovered his father-in-law being held at gunpoint at the back of the shop by two criminal Negroes. Ian was shot three times in the head and chest after going to his aid. He managed to stab one of the Negroes first before he died. Police had to put on flak-jackets before entering the shop. Ian had run the shop for 15 years and was renowned for his friendliness and was described as a wonderful father. At the trial it was discovered that one of the Negroes had been adopted at birth by a white liberal middle-class couple, which once again opened the debate over Nurture vs. Nature, proving yet again that you can take the Negro out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the Negro.

Nicola Dixon 17
31 December 1996
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Attractive Art & Photography student Nicola had been walking alone to a party when she was attacked. Her partially-clothed and battered body was found the next morning in the grounds of the Holy Trinity parish church. An inquest heard that the A-level pupil had been sexually assaulted and died from massive head injuries. She had been bludgeoned about the head and face, probably with a brick. Jamaican Colin Waite, 41, was arrested on an unrelated matter in 2002 shortly after returning to the UK and his DNA matched. Waite had been hiding in Australia. This despicable racially-motivated murder and rape sparked one of the biggest manhunts in the history of the West Midlands Police.

Andrew Steventon 17

15 June 1996

Hit twice on the head with a bottle, punched three times and knocked unconscious to the ground with a fractured skull in an unprovoked assault. Royston Worrell, who "wanted to show that he was cock of the walk," was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to four and a half years

Danny Westmacott 16
8 February 1996
Edmonton, London

A fight broke out between Noel Sayles, a 15 year old Negro, and Daniel Westmacott outside the local McDonalds. Neither had any weapons and Sayles came off second best. Sayles returned with two friends to take revenge, entering the eatery armed with bottles and a knife. Sayles fatally stabbed Westmacott. There were other customers in the McDonalds at the time, including a party of young children. Jason Honeyghon was freed on appeal and Sayles has had his sentence reduced to 11 years.

Thomas MacGregor 65

18 January 1996
Bordesley Green, Birmingham

Deranged Pakistani Shahid Iqbal worked as a part-time shelf-filler at Netto's store. On the 29/12/95 he took a 4-inch Bowie knife and a Swiss army knife to work and began a frenzied racist knife assault. He went beserk and stabbed a White female cashier three times, then attacked five White customers. The Muslim lunatic then walked out into the car park and attacked a teenage boy, stabbed a man waiting for a bus, then stabbed elderly Mr MacGregor who was out for a stroll, in the stomach. Mad Asian Iqbal then stabbed another woman before being brought down by two police officers. Mr MacGregor was taken to hospital where he died of complications three weeks later. The prosecuting QC said during the trial, "He showed a very clear recognition of the fact that he was doing harm to his victims." Unbelievably the judge found him guilty of murder but because the Pakistani suffered from a schizoid personality the judge gave him only an 8-year prison sentence.

Alan Homes 40

4 January 1996
Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1

Mr. Homes, a disabled man who worked as janitor at Holmes Road Police Station, Kentish Town, was attacked in his flat and tied to his bed. He bore torture marks on his body. He died slowly over a 10 day period, Christmas and New Year, of thirst and starvation and lack of medication for his disability, and the wounds he received. A Negro was photographed using his credit card at cash machines (hence the torture). He returned to the flat several times, and left Mr. Homes in pain to die. Eventually his police employers, wondering where he was, found him. No trace of the Negro murderer has been found.

Philip Lawerence 48

8 December 1995
Maida Vale, West London

Headmaster Philip Lawerence was stabbed in the chest outside the St George's Boys School by Filipino Triad-style gang member Learco Chinadamo aged 15.

Ted Howell 75

9 November 1995
Lewisham, South London

World War II veteran stabbed five times by 15 year old black for his pension.

Vivien Trant 57

12 October 1995
Islington, North London

Stupid middle-class liberal charity worker and devout Christian Mrs Trant suffered the same fate as her husband for letting someone of alien race into their family. Morrocan low-life Ibrahim Aderdour got four life sentences for his wicked crime. At his trial the judge said Aderdour "was one of the most manipulative and dangerous individuals he had ever seen." This vicious savage also faced prosecution for indecent assault in France, whilst on the run. Sane people would say that Mr & Mrs Trant got what they deserved for being so utterly stupid, but it was still a tragedy. The verdict of guilty was greeted with gasps of relief by the surviving family members. Let this be a lesson in the realities of race-mixing.

John Trant 71

12 October 1995
Islington, North London

Elderly Mr Trant, a devout Christian allowed his 21 year old daughter Sophie to marry an illegal Morrocan immigrant Ibrahim Aderdour, with horrific consequences. When the savage wanted their mixed-race baby daughter to be brought up as a Muslim, the family refused. The North African stabbed his in-laws, wife and 16 month old baby daughter to death in their own home and then fled to the continent. Aderdour slipped back into England in 1997 but the police failed to investigate him and deported him to Holland. He was finally captured after three years on the run. This was the first ever Scotland Yard murder appeal over the internet.

Michael Dooher 19

2 September 1995
Lichfield, Staffordshire

Michael was beaten by a rabid gang of Asians with iron bars, he was dead on arrival at Walsall's Manor Hospital. The post-mortem showed that he died of servere injuries to his head and upper body. Mushtaq Khan of Birmingham was charged with his murder.

Thomas Kidd 61

6 May 1995
Tulse Hill, South London

Returning from a VE Day celebration when assaulted by two black youths for £100. Later died from internal bleeding. Proceeds spent in part on designer jeans.

PC Philip Walters 28
April 1995
Ilford, East London

PC Walters, pictured here with his girlfriend, was trying to arrest Yardie gangster Ray Lee, who shot him in the chest. Lee got 18 years but later tried to sue the Met for the value of a gold toothcap he lost in the struggle during his arrest.

Jonathan Copley 7

19 February 1995
Bradford, West Yorkshire

Jonathan's family were attending a late night party, so they asked teenager Rachel Rooney to babysit for them. When Asian sexual degenerate Tariq Rehman, a Britannic Assurance manager, entered the family home at 9.30pm, he stabbed tiny Jonathan to death with a pair of scissors and then slit his throat. Police said there appeared to be evidence that Rachel had tried to protect little Jonathan. Jonathan's mother was under sedation and being comforted by relatives after returning home to find the horrendous murder scene. It was later discovered that the racist killer was the live-in lover of the babysitter's race-traitor mother. Two lovely innocent White children gone because of enforced multi-racialism!

Frank Dempsey 56

7 February 1995
Clapham, South London

Had pleurisy, spat on ground a passing Negro turned round shouting abuse and stabbed him. Killer never found.

Margaret "Marie" Hatton 41

1 January 1995
Stockwell, South London

Marie was stabbed twice in the chest just 30 minutes into the New Year by Negro paranoid schizophrenic Wayne Hutchinson. He had just been released days earlier by accident from a mental hospital and went on a six-day orgy of murder and violence. Hutchinson, a drug dealer, first shot a man through a window, then killed a black doorman in Brixton with a shotgun, then slashed a 17 year old's face and stabbed another man. Finally he ended up stabbing to death Marie, who was working in a late night supermarket. This demented black got six life sentences for his crimes. Marie's daughter Louise said after the verdict "I hope he suffers." Negro West Indians suffer disproportionately from schizophrenia and are a menace to White civilisation!

PC George Hammond 57

East Dulwich

PC Hammond was stabbed in the stomach with a foot-long carving knife as he grappled with light-skinned West Indian Negro Christopher Ogleton, who was robbing a newsagents just 400 yards from East Dulwich police station in South London on 23/1/1985. He needed 120 pints of blood before doctors could stitch his wounds. He suffered acute kidney problems for ten years before eventually dying of his injuries.